A fast electric cable connects Britain and Germany with green electricity under the sea

After decades of meticulous planning, the inception of an astonishing electrical cable construction took place yesterday, extending beneath the depths of the sea between Britain and Germany.

This great achievement comes from the massive energy project “NewConnect,” which was proudly announced by the responsible company in charge of its execution.

The announcement came this week that the construction process has begun in the lands of Britain, and this legendary project, also known as the “Fast Electric Line,” is witnessing a massive cost of 1.3 billion dollars (2.8 billion euros).

Its destiny will be to open its doors for operation in the year 2028, as it extends beneath the depths of the North Sea, spanning a distance of 725 kilometers.

An underwater cable is used to connect electricity between Germany and Britain

Fast Electric Cable Connecting Britain and Germany with Green Electricity Under the Sea

The advanced electricity grid in this innovative line has succeeded in converting up to 1 gigawatt of electricity in different directions, representing a significant leap towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.

The news reports indicate that this innovative cable will provide a major source of green energy, sufficient to supply around 1 million households in full.

Mr. Grant Shapps, the British Minister of Energy, affirmed that this revolutionary cable will bring immense improvements in the quality of life for citizens, in addition to achieving energy security for both countries and contributing to reducing harmful carbon emissions that impact the climate.

The next crucial step of the project takes place in Germany, where an impressive conversion station is being established in the Wilhelmshaven area on the shores of the North Sea.

This remarkable station will be connected in the future to a similar facility in the Kent region of England, through that astonishing cable extending deep beneath the ocean’s depths.

The German Ambassador in London, Miguel Berger, praised this pioneering project, describing it as a “tremendous achievement” that carries within it rapid progress towards a more advanced and updated world in the energy sector.

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