A German ice cream shop offers a “Hmm” flavor for indecisive customers!

Are you indecisive about which ice cream flavor to get? A new ice cream shop in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is offering a new kind of ice cream for anyone who finds themselves hesitating when they reach the counter.

If you can’t decide what you want exactly when you reach the counter, and you start your order with the word “umm” at the Rimini ice cream shop in Gaggenau, Baden-Württemberg, you may be offered an “umm” flavored ice cream in a cone or cup.

This new innovation for hesitant customers has been met with enthusiasm and excitement on social media, with ice cream lovers expressing their great admiration for the new flavor.

Ice cream shop in Germany offers "nations" flavor for indecisive customers

Alessandro Camino, the owner of the ice cream shop in the small town near Stuttgart, said that the idea came to him after he noticed that most people, when it was their turn to order ice cream, would start their order with the word “Ähm” (or “umm”, just like the English word “mmmm”).

The same was the case for another student in mid-July, who faced a challenge in choosing the right flavor and faced the counter with confusion and bewilderment, as he constantly resorted to the word “Umm” instead of specifying his request.

“The line was constantly getting longer, and that’s how I came up with the idea to create this new flavor,” Camino told German news agency DPA.

He prepared this delicious flavor of white chocolate milk ice cream mixed with pistachio pieces, although its appearance is not very sophisticated, he said that it looks a lot like chopped lettuce!

This delicious flavor was able to rank first as the most sold flavor in the ice cream shop after the flavor of vanilla.

“This flavor is perfect for both kids and adults,” said Caminito.

Alessandro Caminato, who supported his brother Giuseppe two years ago when he participated in the World Ice Cream Championship in Bologna, has a lot of experience in creating new and distinctive flavors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he created “anti-virus ice cream” made from ginger and orange, which was well-received by many.

Although it was originally intended as a joke, they have now decided to keep the “Nations” flavor as a permanent flavor in the lineup.

Germany is a well-known destination for ice cream shops during the summer months, which offer a wide range of unique innovations, such as “spaghetti ice cream”.

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