A severe attack on citizens’ benefits in Germany and demands for its prohibition

The German political world is witnessing a notable event, embodied in the call of the distinguished political student Karsten Lineman from the opposition Christian Alliance, to undertake a bold and innovative amendment that calls for a reevaluation of the concept of “citizens’ assistance,” which replaces unemployment benefits and social welfare.

Despite the criticism he received from a parliamentarian affiliated with one of the ruling coalition parties regarding this invitation, Lieneman remains confident in his vision.

In his interview with the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag,” the Secretary-General of the Christian Democratic Party – the former party of Chancellor Angela Merkel – affirmed that supporters of his idea deserve full support from the state in case they are unable to work.

However, at the same time, he emphasizes the necessity for capable individuals who are able to work to contribute their efforts. He believes that labeling it as “citizens’ aid” carries misleading implications, as people should not perceive this support as an entitlement for every individual to obtain from public funds.

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Citizen Assistance in Germany

A sharp attack on citizens' assistance in Germany and demands for its prohibition

It is worth noting that the citizens’ subsidy is a radical reform introduced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government at the beginning of the current year, replacing both unemployment benefits and social welfare.

This assistance is considered a pivotal measure in the social policy of the current ruling coalition, which includes the Democratic Socialist Party, the Green Party, and the Free Democratic (Liberal) Party.

On her part, Katia Mast, the parliamentary executive manager of the Democratic Socialist Party bloc, strongly criticized the Lienemann initiative. She accused him of seeking to turn people into beggars and belittling economic crises.

Instead, MAST clarified that the purpose of citizens’ assistance is to facilitate individuals’ entry into permanent employment and avoid providing government aid for extended periods.

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This assistance specifically focuses on developing professional skills amid the current shortage of qualified competencies.

The current debate on “citizen’s assistance” reflects a new philosophy in social policy, opening up prospects for enhancing social support and achieving greater integration between employment opportunities and economic life.

It is a significant step that promises good news for achieving greater prosperity and stability for society.

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