A severe crisis in teacher recruitment in schools in the state of Saxony, despite the hiring of a thousand new teachers

More than half a million students have started the new academic year in the state of Saxony, amidst increasing challenges due to the shortage of teachers and the integration of children coming from Ukraine.

Despite the employment of over a thousand new teachers at the beginning of the school year, it remains unclear whether this number is sufficient. The state is seeking to address this crisis through digital education methods.

German schools in Saxony are facing a shortage of teachers

A severe crisis in teacher recruitment is occurring in schools in the state of Saxony, despite the hiring of a thousand new teachers

The Ministry of Education in Saxony has reported that 1120 new teachers and educational staff have been hired, although the goal was to hire at least 1300 teachers.

The focus was primarily on hiring teachers for primary and secondary schools, followed by higher education institutions, specialized schools, and vocational schools.

The Minister of Education in Saxony, Christian Piwarz, indicated that the state intended to hire a larger number of qualified teachers, but the limited number of applicants prevented that.

Piwarz emphasized that ensuring the continuation of lessons will remain a significant challenge, especially with the approaching difficult academic year.

The teachers’ union called for the provision of a new educational package, highlighting the urgent need for at least three thousand additional teachers. The union’s president, Burkhard Naumann, also criticized the hesitance in developing the education sector.

The state aims to use digital education methods to overcome the shortage of teachers, considering self-directed and independent learning as a fundamental skill in the 21st century.

Biewerz emphasized the necessity of empowering students for self-directed learning, emphasizing that digital educational resources are complementary to education and not a substitute for teachers.

In addition to the issues related to teacher shortages and the shift towards digital education, there is also a focus on integrating children coming from Ukraine.

Bayertz emphasized the importance of providing equal opportunities for Ukrainian students, just as for any other student, in terms of integration within the community and the education system.

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