A severe shortage of skilled personnel is troubling 90% of German companies

A new study conducted by the job search platform “Stepstone” has revealed that German companies are grappling with a severe shortage of skilled workers, leading to many vacant positions remaining unfilled.

According to this study, 90% of companies have been unable to find suitable candidates to fill their vacant positions.

The representative study included around 10,000 respondents, including 2,800 managers and professionals in the field of human resources.

Approximately 76% of the respondents reported a decline in productivity due to the vacant positions, which marks a 16-percentage point increase compared to pre-pandemic levels.

German companies are grappling with a shortage of skilled personnel

A severe shortage of skills is distressing 90% of German companies

Professionals in the public sector, in particular, have expressed difficulties in delivering their products and services. Around 88% of them reported encountering issues due to the shortage of staff.

Furthermore, 83% in the healthcare and social services sectors have reported a shortage of skilled workers. Germany is currently facing a deficit of approximately 50,000 teachers and 14,000 nursing staff.

In response to these strained circumstances, around half of the employers in the public sector are planning to hire new employees within the next three months.

A third of employers in general are seeking to bring in new personnel, and the same proportion of companies have hired new employees in the past three months.

However, 90% of the respondents confirmed a key issue, which is the difficulty in finding suitable candidates to fill the vacant positions.

And labor market expert Tobias Zimmermann stated:

“We are already seeing the negative economic impact resulting from the unfilled positions,” said labor market expert Tobias Zimmermann.


“The alignment between suitable candidates, positions, and appropriate companies will become the central element in the future,” he added.

A new law is set to come into effect in March 2024, making it easier for skilled workers to come to Germany.

In the past year, Germany witnessed around 630,000 vacant positions without qualified applicants, with all job sectors urgently needing additional employees.

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