A storm caused injuries to five people in Berlin and southern Brandenburg

A severe storm struck parts of Brandenburg and Berlin, prompting the intervention of firefighting teams to handle hundreds of emergency cases. Three people were injured in Berlin and two in southern Brandenburg.

In Berlin, two people were injured at a bus station in the Charlottenburg district, and a tree fell on a speeding car in Oberseepfvald-Lausitz.

A storm in Brandenburg injures five people

A storm caused injuries to five people in Berlin and southern Brandenburg

During the violent storm in the region, three people were injured in Berlin and two in Brandenburg. Additionally, two individuals were injured when a branch fell from a tree at a bus station in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin.

It has been announced that the two individuals were transported to the hospital for treatment, and no further details about them have been disclosed

Another accident occurred in the Lechtenberg area during the late hours of the night, where a tree fell onto a car’s engine hood, resulting in injuries to a person who was subsequently taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

In Brandenburg, two people were injured in the Oberhavel-Lausitz district when a tree fell on a speeding car. They were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The firefighting teams in Berlin had to deal with 391 incidents

Overall, 391 weather-related incidents were recorded in Berlin during the evening and night, leading to the declaration of an “air weather emergency” early Tuesday morning.

It was reported that the main reason for calling emergency services was the falling of broken or uprooted trees. In the Marinfield area, parts of a warehouse roof collapsed under heavy rain, and tree branches fell onto the tram tracks in the Brentslawerberg region.

The streets witnessed multiple traffic lights outage, as announced by the Traffic Information Media Center. Additionally, all voluntary firefighting teams were summoned to provide assistance.

The eastern regions of Brandenburg were also affected by a large number of firefighting cases due to the storm, with alarm centers reporting that the southern area of Barnim and Märkisch-Oderland were the most affected.

As mentioned by the Odreland Alarm Center, approximately 200 incidents were recorded and handled until Tuesday morning. Noyenhaugen in Berlin also witnessed a tree falling onto a car without injuring the driver.

As the train came to a stop when a tree fell onto the railway tracks near Munchberg, the train was evacuated, and 45 passengers remained unharmed. They were transferred by firefighting teams to Munchberg.

The Northeastern Alarm Center recorded over 80 incidents within one hour. The uprooted trees caused significant damage to vehicles, and water rushed into many basements due to the heavy rain. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The storm caused damages to areas in southern Brandenburg

The storm blew for approximately two hours across Laositz and Elb-Elster territories. During this period, around 30 weather-related incidents were recorded according to the media center in Kutbus. Most of these incidents involved clearing roads after fallen trees blocked them.

As a tree fell onto a speeding car in Hozina (Oberstdorf-Lausitz), two people were injured and transported to the hospital for treatment.

As the Odeg company’s passenger train collided with a large branch on the railway in Dransdorf (Dam-Alte Sparfeld), train services were disrupted for approximately two hours. According to a railway spokesperson, train operations resumed around 11 p.m.

It has also been announced that there is a power outage in Löbau (Upper Lusatia), Schirgiswalde, and Heidersdorf (Damian-Oberebersbach), as well as in the northeastern part of Kotbus.

All urban trains have come to a complete stop

The trains were also affected by several disruptions, as the urban train company in Berlin announced via Twitter:

“Due to weather impacts on all urban train networks, all lines have experienced delays and cancellations.”

Train services have been suspended due to trees on the tracks. Weather-related challenges have been cleared overnight, and the company has reported that train operations will resume according to the specified schedule starting at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The German Meteorological Institute (DWD) had earlier warned on Monday evening of the risk of strong thunderstorms.

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