Accident at the Opening of “gamescom 2023” Exhibition Due to GTA 6 Game

At the opening of “gamescom 2023,” we witnessed an unexpected incident when a fan managed to sneak onto the stage and urgently requested the game developer company “Rockstar” to speak about the highly anticipated game GTA 6. The host, Geoff Keighley, promptly removed the individual from the event.

To kick off the event, the host set the stage for the grand occasion, showcasing numerous games and promotional announcements, including the unveiling of the game “Starfield.”

The Gamescom exhibition experiences an embarrassing incident due to GTA 6 game

Accident at the Opening of Gamescom 2023 Exhibition Due to GTA 6 Game

In the moments when Keighley was announcing his experience with the game Starfield, the bearded man rushed onto the stage, announcing in clear English stutter that “Bill Clinton” wants to play GTA 6.

Despite the professionalism displayed by the presenter, he couldn’t hide his sense of frustration, as he said:

“This is really disappointing. It’s a special night for many developers, and it’s sad to see someone behave this way, but we will continue with the presentation.”

According to initial information, the same man had disrupted a sports program on the Sport1 channel on August 20th and requested to talk about the same game.

Regarding the mention of “Bill Clinton,” it refers to an incident that occurred at “The Game Awards 2022,” where an individual attempted to address the developers of the popular game Elden Ring, referencing the former U.S. president.

According to Kotaku, it became evident that this individual was a known online nuisance.

It’s worth noting that GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games currently, especially since its predecessor, GTA V, was released in 2013 and continues to maintain significant popularity due to its online component.

However, Rockstar has not officially disclosed any details about the sixth installment, despite players eagerly awaiting it and closely following any related information. Significant leaks in 2022 had intensified the interest in the game even further.

Cologne hosted the largest electronic games exhibition, “Gamescom 2023,” with extensive international participation, as we mentioned earlier through this link.

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