An incident at Europa Park in Germany results in injuries to several individuals

In a horrifying incident that occurred at Germany’s largest amusement park, Europa Park, situated in the city of Rust, seven individuals were injured, according to the latest reports issued by the police.

The injured individuals encompassed five acrobatic performers and two visitors, with three of them being transported to the hospital for further examinations, as conveyed by the police spokesperson later on.

A water basin at Europa Park, Germany, has developed a crack

Accident at Europa Park in Germany Leads to Injury of Several Individuals

According to the park spokesperson, a mobile water basin cracked during the “High-Diving Show ‘Retorno dos Piratas’,” resulting in water flowing into the “Atlantica SuperSplash” attraction lake.

There were elevated platforms reaching up to 25 meters installed over the water basin, from which the acrobats were performing jumps. Due to the instability caused by the water basin’s loss of stability following the water release, the structures mounted on it collapsed.

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On another note, the police indicated that the causes behind the incident, which occurred around 5:00 PM, are still under investigation.

A television report from the “SWR Aktuell Baden-Württemberg” channel highlighted the popularity of the show in which the incident occurred.

It’s worth noting that this incident comes only two months after another fire incident at Europa Park, Germany, which resulted in financial losses amounting to millions. It is speculated that the cause might have been a technical malfunction.

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