An increase in public transportation subscriptions prices in MDV will be implemented in the following areas starting from August

The MDV Transport Association and the Economic Association of the Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien Region (ZVON) have announced an increase in transportation ticket prices and subscriptions starting from August.

The changes include all types of tickets except for the German national ticket, which has been operating at the country level since May at a price of 49 euros and remains exempt from this increase.

Ticket prices in the cities of Leipzig and Halle (Saale) will increase by approximately 6%. Among the expected increases, the individual ticket price in Leipzig will become 3.20 euros instead of 3.00 euros.

In the ZVON area, the price of a daily ticket will be 14.50 euros instead of the current price of 14 euros.

An increase in public transportation (MDV) subscription prices will take effect in the following areas starting from the month of August

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Regarding the new increment, individual tickets, quad tickets, additional tickets, and daily tickets that have already been purchased will remain valid until the end of the year.

Weekly and monthly tickets will be accepted until their expiration. In ZVON, individual tickets and day passes can be purchased at the current price on the last day before the fare change. Quad tickets can be used at the current price within three months if at least one ticket is canceled before July 31st.

The two companies attributed the reason for the price increase to the rise in electricity and diesel costs, in addition to high inflation. MDV clarified that:

“With a significant increase in energy, electricity, and diesel prices, along with rising current operational costs and the impact of inflation across all sectors, price adjustments are no longer optional.”

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The MDV Transport Association serves the cities of Leipzig and Halle (Saale), as well as the Saxon districts of Leipzig and Lower Saxony, in addition to the Saalekreis and Burgenlandkreis districts in Saxony-Anhalt, and the Altenburger Land district in Thuringia.

The ZVON region includes the eastern part of Bautzen district and the entire area of Gorlitz district, with Gorlitz city being a member of the association alongside the districts.

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