Artificial intelligence is rapidly spreading in Germany as companies embrace innovative technology

The results of a recent survey published in Germany indicate that more than 13% of the companies operating in the country are using artificial intelligence, pointing to a progressive adoption of this innovative technology.

The report conducted by the “EVO Institute for Economic Research” reveals an additional percentage of 9% of companies that intend to benefit from this remarkable technology.

Artificial intelligence is spreading across German industries

Artificial Intelligence is spreading rapidly in Germany as companies adopt innovative technology

The results indicate that artificial intelligence is particularly popular in the industrial sector, with one out of every three companies in this field currently using or planning to use it.

Regarding the service and commerce sectors, the percentage increased to nearly 20%, while it reached about 15% in the construction sector.

On the other hand, the results have shown that around 40% of companies in Germany currently show no interest in adopting artificial intelligence technology, with this percentage rising to 60% in the construction sector.

The technology powered by artificial intelligence relies on processing vast amounts of data through algorithms to make precise and rapid decisions via automated analysis.

This survey was conducted on behalf of the Hansatic Blockchain Institute, and the “EVO” Institute studied the economic situation last June.

The survey encompassed approximately 9,000 companies, and participating firms were queried about their current or near-future utilization of artificial intelligence technology, in addition to the possibility of discussing this innovative step.

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