Cargo planes are compelled to unload significant quantities of kerosene over central Germany

During the past two days, two cargo planes were forced to make emergency landings at Leipzig/Halle Airport due to safety reasons. These planes were compelled to unload significant amounts of fuel before landing.

On the evening of last Monday, a Boeing 747 aircraft operated by Atlas Air took off from Leipzig/Halle Airport on a cargo flight. The German Air Traffic Control reported a malfunction in one of the windows as the aircraft was flying over the Czech Republic, necessitating its return from the Czech city of Brno.

Details regarding the fuel unloading of two cargo planes over central Germany

Cargo planes are compelled to unload significant quantities of kerosene over central Germany

The information revealed by the German Civil Aviation Authority indicates that the pilot was compelled to offload 110 tons of kerosene to reduce weight prior to landing.

A portion of the fuel was discharged over Saxony and Thuringia. The aircraft landed shortly after 8:00 PM in Leipzig.

On the previous Sunday evening, a cargo plane belonging to Kalita Air company was compelled to unload approximately 30 tons of kerosene over Lower Saxony and northern Saxony.

The aircraft had departed from Amsterdam en route to Newark, USA, but it returned after detecting a drop in pressure over Newcastle, UK.

Experts indicate that these aircraft take off with full fuel tanks, but in the case of an early landing, a portion of the fuel must be discharged to avoid damage to the aircraft or the runway.

This incident occurred again a month ago, where a Boeing 747 aircraft operated by Kalitta Air had to unload over 90 tons of kerosene above the Altmark region due to pressure issues. This forced the aircraft to return to Leipzig-Halle Airport.

An expert from the German Environmental Agency affirmed that the unloaded kerosene in July does not pose a threat to humans or the environment, describing it as “non-critical.”

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, this was the largest quantity of fuel jettisoned in the air in Germany over the past five years. Each instance of this type of fuel dumping is documented by the authority.

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