Changes to the rights of Deutschlandticket holders with German Railways

Starting from August 15th, individuals utilizing the “Deutschlandticket” will no longer have the option to transfer to high-speed trains such as ICE or IC in the event of a regional train delay, followed by requesting a reimbursement for the ticket cost from the German Railways (DB).

The spokesperson for the German Railways confirmed this matter, indicating that the Passenger Rights Service Center will enforce the amended regulations of the Railway Transport Code (EVO) starting from this date.

The reason behind the new changes in Deutschlandticket

Changes in the rights of passengers holding a Deutschlandticket with the German railways

The reason behind this change is that the “Deutschlandticket” has been newly classified within the EVO law as a significantly discounted ticket. Consequently, users of this ticket will not be eligible for refunds for long-distance train tickets in cases involving passenger rights issues.

However, if a delay of more than 20 minutes is anticipated, passengers holding non-significantly discounted tickets can still transfer to higher-value trains such as ICE, and they can subsequently request reimbursement for the expenses incurred.

Furthermore, users of the “Deutschlandticket” can utilize alternative transportation means, such as taxis, in specific circumstances. However, the German Railways provide a maximum reimbursement of 120 euros in such cases.

The “Deutschlandticket,” priced at 49 euros per month, became available since the 1st of May. It is accessible digitally and can be canceled on a monthly basis. It operates throughout Germany for domestic transportation purposes.

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