Claiming Compensations from the Activists’ Generation by Lufthansa Airlines

Many airlines are suffering from revenue losses due to airport blockades by the recent activist generation, resulting in additional costs.

The largest German airline is seeking to recover its funds from activists. “Lufthansa” has been preparing to file a compensation lawsuit.

Lufthansa Group is seeking compensation after airport blockades by the recent ‘Active Generation’ activists, and a spokesperson for the group stated in Frankfurt that they intend to file claims for all airlines under the group’s umbrella.

German airline Lufthansa's demand for compensations from the activist generation

This includes dozens of flights that were canceled on July 13 of the current year due to fog at Dusseldorf and Hamburg airports, in addition to a climate protest on November 24, 2022, at the capital’s airport in Berlin.

The activists’ goal behind their protest was to raise awareness about the negative effects of climate change resulting from air transportation, and although “Lufthansa” did not mention the value of the damages, it is presumed to be in the millions of euros.

This is what the aviation expert Gerald Vissel stated to the ‘Rheinische Post’ newspaper:

“The hotels for the passengers were reserved, ticket revenues were lost, and it was necessary to find alternative aircraft and call in additional crews, resulting in significant costs.”

Only “Eurowings,” the subsidiary of Lufthansa, has canceled 55 flights during the three doubtful days. Additionally, there are other flights for Austrian, Swiss, and Lufthansa group companies.

As announced, Dusseldorf Airport in Germany intends to enforce its demands as well. The members of the recent activist generation were detained during every third event after they rallied together on the stands.

The police have initiated investigations with the individuals involved who could be accused in the compensation claims.

Unlike the blockade of land traffic, assessing the economic damages at airports may be easier, and companies like “Condor” and “TUI fly” are also considering their claims. However, they have not yet announced whether they intend to file a lawsuit in practice.

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