Cologne hosts the largest electronic games exhibition, “Gamescom 2023,” with extensive international participation

Today, Wednesday, August 23, 2023, the German city of Cologne hosts the largest global electronic games exhibition, “Gamescom,” under the slogan “World-Class Gaming.”

This year’s exhibition covers an area of 230,000 square meters and features the participation of over 1,220 game developers from 63 countries around the world, showcasing their latest products.

The German city of Cologne hosts the largest electronic gaming exhibition

Cologne hosts the largest electronic gaming exhibition, Gamescom 2023, with broad international participation

The organizers anticipated significant turnout from gamers and enthusiasts at the exhibition. Attendees will have the opportunity to play some highly anticipated games scheduled for release in the upcoming period, with a playtime of 15 minutes per game.

Felix Falk, the Managing Director of the German Games Industry Association, pointed out that “Gamescom” reflects the dynamic and creative nature of the global gaming culture.

It’s worth mentioning that Brazil, which has witnessed significant growth in the electronic gaming industry in recent years, will be the official partner country of the exhibition this year. A delegation from Brazil, comprising approximately 60 studios, will showcase their latest products at the event.

German studios will have a noticeable presence, despite the absence of major upcoming releases from Germany. German producers aim to secure greater support opportunities after showcasing their products at Gamescom.

The official opening of the exhibition will be conducted by Robert Habeck, the German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs. His ministry is responsible for funding the government’s financial part to support this exhibition.

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