Demands for an increase in the salaries of workers in Germany due to them being below the standard

In a recent statistical report issued by the Federal Office of Statistics in Germany, a harsh reality was revealed for a quarter of the country’s workforce, as they earn low wages not exceeding 14 euros per hour.

The numbers provided by the office were part of the response to an inquiry submitted by the Left Party in parliament, revealing that this situation affected over 9.3 million workers in the past October. This represents approximately 23.35% of the total number of employed individuals in the country, which amounts to 39.8 million workers, excluding trainees.

Demands for increasing salaries of workers in Germany

Poverty probabilities accumulate, as a quarter of the workforce in Germany suffer from low wages

In order to address this social dilemma, the Leftist party calls for raising the minimum wage to 14 euros per hour, compared to the current rate of 12 euros per day.

Despite a proposal from a specialized committee to gradually increase the minimum wage over two years, facing rejection from the unions, the current percentage of workers benefiting from the minimum wage stands at 14.8%.

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The head of the left-wing party bloc, Dietmar Bartch, expressed his deep dismay over the sharp deterioration in wages in the country. He called for the necessity of raising the minimum wage to 14 euros per hour to compensate for inflation and mitigate the potential exacerbation of the poverty issue.

Bartch noted that this measure would benefit around 10 million workers, as it will enhance their ability to improve their financial circumstances.

Bartch warned that the continuation of this low wage level may cast its shadows on retirement benefits in the future, putting millions of individuals at risk of poverty during their old age.

Indeed, according to “Fonke Mediengruppe” media organization, the pension fund is incurring significant losses today due to the deterioration of wage levels.

This reflects the seriousness of the current situation and the urgent need to take immediate measures to improve the livelihood of workers and ensure a more sustainable future for everyone.

In this context, the importance of adopting incentivizing policies and fair laws that protect workers’ rights and ensure them a decent life is increasing. It is an urgent call to achieve a balance between a flourishing economy and social justice to guarantee a prosperous and bright future for all members of society.

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