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Hamburg Airport Germany (Flughafen Hamburg), is the fifth busiest airport in the country. It is also known as “Flugahfen Hamburg” and is located 8 kilometers north of the city center in the district of Fuhlsbüttel.

Approximately 55 airlines, including German Wings and Eurowings, consider Hamburg Airport as their hub. Let’s take a closer look at Hamburg Airport in Germany.

What is Hamburg Airport Germany?


Hamburg Airport, Germany’s Flughafen Hamburg, is one of the oldest airports in the country. It was built in 1911 and operations began in January 1912. In 2005, it underwent a complete renovation and is now one of the most important and modern airports in Europe.

In 2007, he was able to achieve a remarkable record by serving approximately 12,780,000 passengers, in addition to handling an average of 173,500 aircraft and 78,000 tons of cargo.

Continuing its record-breaking numbers, in November 2021, it managed to receive approximately 602,800 passengers.

Air Berlin, Condor, easyJet, Germania, TUI fly, and all German and European airlines see the airport as a focal point for both of them.

Non-stop flights are available between Hamburg Airport, Germany, and destinations in the European Union, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, as well as North America.

Hamburg Airport in Germany, Flughafen Hamburg, offers all the available conveniences in terms of restaurants, retail shops, as well as ATMs and currency exchange machines.

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And there is a dedicated area for children’s games, in addition to a storage room for luggage and a lounge for businessmen

The airport was initially used for military purposes during World War I, while in 1920 it began receiving planes en route from Amsterdam to Copenhagen for refueling.

The first passenger building was opened in 1929, and starting from 1930, flights began departing from Hamburg to six major cities around the world.

During World War II, the airport served the Luftwaffe, and after the war and the occupation of England, it began receiving flights from British Airways.

Hamburg Airport buildings, Germany

Airport - Hamburg - Germany

Hamburg Airport in Germany, Flughafen Hamburg, houses the main terminal building, which includes ATMs, currency exchange offices, and bank branches.

While Building 2 contains restaurants, cafes, shops, and a first aid station, in addition to the baggage office located in the arrival area, which operates 24/7.

In addition to having a business center, which offers the possibility to rent 14 fully equipped rooms with phones and faxes, as well as 7 conference and negotiation halls that can accommodate up to 90 people, there is also an airport hotel available.

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  • Building number 1 at Hamburg Airport, Germany

Building number 1 was officially inaugurated in 2005, with a total area of 6,300 square meters. During the renovation process, careful attention was given to all the details, especially the efficient use of energy during the station’s operation.

Where rainwater is collected on the building’s surface, filtered, and utilized, in addition to heating the buildings through reliance on natural heat, the airport thus provides approximately 6.5 million liters of drinking water and 400 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

  • Building number 2 at Hamburg Airport, Germany:

In 1933, the building underwent a complete renovation, transforming it into a structure made entirely of glass and steel. With a total area of approximately 5,850 square meters, it houses numerous rooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, such as baggage inspection.

This building serves passengers traveling on flights operated by “Lufthansa, Condor, Germanwings,” as well as airlines affiliated with “Star Alliance.”

  • Airport Plaza at Hamburg Airport, Germany

Opened in 2008, it connects Building 1 and Building 2, located in between them, and specializes in conducting security checks before departing from Hamburg. Its area is estimated at 4900 square meters and it houses approximately 40 stores, in addition to restaurants, cafes, and recreational areas.

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The services provided by Hamburg Airport (Flughafen Hamburg)

Buildings - Hamburg Airport - Germany
  • Finding Lost Luggage and Personal Belongings:

Among the services provided by Germany’s Hamburg Airport, Flughafen Hamburg, is the Lost and Found service for luggage and personal belongings at the airport. All you need to do is head to the Airport Plaza building to retrieve your lost items.

The cost varies depending on the item lost. €15 will be paid for a wallet, €20 for a bag, €10 for outerwear, and €10 for jewelry. €15 will also be paid for the retrieval of the camera.

The working hours start daily from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

  • Luggage Storage Service:

This service is available in Building No. 2, and its cost is based on the size of the luggage to be stored. The fee is €2.20 per day for regular-sized luggage.

As for non-standard luggage such as bicycles or skis, a fee of approximately 4.40 euros per day is charged, while a fee of 3 euros per month is charged for small items.

The working hours start daily from 4:30 AM until 11:00 PM.

  • Internet Service:

You can enjoy internet access within the airport premises by connecting to the temporary free WLAN network. This network can be used for only one hour, after which the connection is automatically disconnected. In this case, you can subscribe to internet hotspots for 0.10 euros per minute.

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  • Providing designated smoking areas:

Smoking is prohibited inside airport buildings, but some areas have been designated for smokers near the airport entrance, in addition to the presence of dedicated smoking booths.

  • Taxi Service:

This service can be used when exiting the access area in passenger buildings 1 and 2, and it is advisable to book a taxi by phone.

The average taxi fare is 2 euros for a distance of 1-4 kilometers, 1.90 euros for a distance of 5-9 kilometers, and 1.40 euros for more than 10 kilometers.

To book cars through the phone, the following numbers can be used:

  • Hamburg Taxi: 004940666666
  • Taxi: 004940441011

It is also possible to use the bus station located in front of the airport buildings, and the bus lines are represented by “26, 606, 292, 274, 39.”

Ways to access Hamburg Airport in Germany

How to communicate with Hamburg Airport, Germany

There are several different available methods that can help you reach Hamburg Airport in Germany, Flughafen Hamburg. These methods include public transportation, but some individuals prefer to get a taxi for added convenience. The following are these methods:

  • Buses:

There are plenty of buses available in central Hamburg and the surrounding areas, including those heading towards the airport. The city buses include:

  • Road 26: North of the city – Farsen – S-Rahlestidt.
  • 606 “Night Bus”: Langenhorn – U Ochsenzoll – Hohbuchtenhof – Rathsmarkt.
  • Highway 292: Langenhorn – Uetersen and Uetersen – Latinkamp.
  • 274 “Night Bus”: U/S Ohlsdorf – Hamburg Airport.

Fast buses, on the other hand, are characterized by:

  • Track “Central Station – Airport”.

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  • Trains:

The train route starts from downtown Hamburg and the central station of Hauptbahnhof, heading towards Hamburg Airport in just 25 minutes. Trains operate at a frequency of every 10 minutes.

  • Taxes:

The parking lots are located outside Terminal 1 and 2 buildings. Additionally, Terminal 2 building includes some platforms for taxi service companies, including the following companies:

  • Hertz.
  • Europcar.
  • Avis.
  • National.
  • Sixt.
  • By car:

The airport can be accessed by private car or a friend’s car via the A433 road.

How to get from Hamburg Airport in Germany to the cruise terminal?

Some travelers at Hamburg Airport in Germany are looking to reach the cruise terminal, and the easiest way is to request a taxi.

However, its drawback is the high cost, which can reach up to 90 euros. On the other hand, it provides difficulty in using public transportation.

It is also possible to use the S1 train, which goes to Landungsbrücken station, for a direct trip without any transfers. The cost of this trip is approximately 3.4 euros. However, despite the low cost, the problem lies in carrying heavy luggage and purchasing tickets.

How to communicate with Hamburg Airport in Germany

Hamburg Airport in Germany Ways

The airport code “HAM” refers to Hamburg Airport, located at Airport Street 1-3, 22335 Hamburg, Germany. The airport handles an annual passenger traffic rate of 18 million travelers. The visa is commonly known as the Schengen visa.

If you wish to contact the airport, you can do so by calling the number +49 750 50 40 or by emailing [email protected]. To access the airport’s website, please use this link.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hamburg Airport, Germany

When am I supposed to arrive at Hamburg Airport before the flight?

You must arrive at least two hours prior to your flight.

How many airports are there in Hamburg?

There are two airports in Hamburg, one of which is Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport.

What is the name of Hamburg Airport?

Fuhlsbüttel Airport.

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