Expert criticism of the German Federal Government’s climate change policies

In a report issued by the Expert Council for Climate Change Affairs last Tuesday, their stance on the climate change mitigation program was reviewed.

The report highlighted a clear deficiency in the existence of a comprehensive plan and a transparent assessment of the implemented measures. The Federal Environment Agency also expressed its concerns regarding the achievement of the set climate goals and called for an increase in government commitment.

The government-affiliated Expert Council was not in a favorable stage at all, and they emphasized the absence of a “comprehensive and logical plan” to achieve the climate goals, particularly concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the council’s statement regarding the climate change mitigation program.

Last Tuesday in Berlin, Deputy Chair of the Council, Brigitte Nauv-Ya, stated that there is a need for effective monitoring to verify the implementation of the designated measures.

Climate change policies in Germany are facing increasing criticisms

Critiques from experts towards the climate change policies of the German federal government

The council comprising experts from the German federal government on climate change affairs pointed out the planned measures in the climate change mitigation program.

They indicated that these measures have the “potential to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” as stated by the council’s chairman, Hans-Martin Henning.

However, there remains an estimated gap of around 200 million tons of carbon dioxide until 2030 in order to achieve the German climate targets.

In order to achieve the specified climate goals, Nauv-Ya suggested setting emissions limits. However, this must be accompanied by supportive measures, such as social compensation to alleviate the financial burdens resulting from carbon pricing. For instance, this could involve a climate fund allocation.

So far, emissions limits are predominantly applied at both the European and national levels, primarily targeting the energy and industrial sectors.

In addition, carbon pricing is also applied to buildings and transportation at the national level. Currently, a fixed price of 30 euros per ton of carbon dioxide is imposed, which is set to increase to 40 euros in 2024.

Fixed emissions limits with significantly higher prices are expected to be implemented by 2027, likely also at the European level.

Nauv-Ya also urged for the phasing out of harmful climate subsidies, a stance that was also reaffirmed in the cooperation agreement between the governing parties.

According to Henning, the climate protection law as a whole does not align “with the climate protection program requirements stipulated by law,” and the council considers the transportation sector to be the major area of concern.

Federal Environment Agency: Additional measures are necessary

The Federal Environment Agency in Dessau-Roßlau also regards the climate goals as being at significant risk unless additional measures are taken. On Tuesday, the agency presented its report titled “Future Projection Report for 2023.”

The report mentioned that despite reducing the gap towards the climate target for 2030 by 70% compared to the projections for 2021, it still remains at around 331 million tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Regarding achieving net emissions neutrality by 2045, the energy and agriculture sectors have already surpassed their targets, while the transportation, buildings, and industrial sectors have failed to meet their goals.

As a result, Dirk Messner, the President of the Federal Environment Agency, is urging for additional measures to be taken. These measures include increasing the use of rail transportation, reforming car taxes, and restricting the use of fossil heating systems.

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