Experts endorse early commencement of the Südostlink project for electrical energy transmission

Preparations are underway for the establishment of a 540-kilometer-long electrical transmission line to transport renewable energy from Saxony-Anhalt to Bavaria. This project is known as “Südostlink.”

While construction was originally scheduled to commence by the end of 2024, 50Hertz, the company responsible for the central portion of the project, is aiming to initiate the work ahead of this timeline. This endeavor has garnered support from experts.

50Hertz has characterized the project’s timetable as ambitious, aiming to initiate preliminary construction works by the end of this year, despite the fact that planning procedures have not yet been concluded.

50Hertz is striving to commence the Südostlink project

Experts endorse the early initiation of work on the Südostlink project for electrical energy transmission

Anticipated tasks include tree removal, excavation of underground channels for electrical cables in Saxony and Thuringia, as well as the construction of two electrical substations.

Despite the presented requests, the Federal Network Agency affirms that early construction measures have not yet received approval. The agency, however, demonstrates optimism in considering the project as a proven tool for expediting procedures.

Even if the requests are approved, 50Hertz will still need to obtain permission from the relevant landowners. The company confirms that communications with landowners have commenced, and approvals have been secured in some instances.

Experts acknowledge potential risks that the company might face, yet they underscore the project’s significance in timely achieving environmental objectives.

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