German airline “Lufthansa” is offering financial incentives to its flight crews

A significant salary increase of up to 25% for captains, including allowances and inflation-adjustment bonuses, with this raise being even higher for first officers.

According to the agreement negotiated with the pilot association “VC,” Lufthansa is providing significant salary increases to its cockpit crew. Over the next three years, base salaries will rise by at least 18%, as outlined in a company communication to employees.

Lufthansa Company Offers Incentives to Crew Members

German airline Lufthansa offers financial incentives to aircraft crew members

The increase encompasses the agreed-upon allowances from the previous year as well as inflation compensation bonuses, resulting in a raise of at least 25% for captains and a range from 33% to over 50% for first officers.

In the communication, Lufthansa asks around 5200 members of the aircraft crew for the main brand and the subsidiary cargo company to vote in favor, in order to avert a strike during the peak travel season.

Employees can cast their votes from now until the tenth of August, with the pilot union aiming to secure authorization from members to reach a collective bargaining agreement.

Lufthansa hopes to steer clear of labor conflicts, according to the company, as these increases are deemed costly and reduce operational flexibility, as stated in a message from Karl Branz, the Chief Operating Officer of Lufthansa.

However, the latter emphasized, “The outcome is still acceptable as it provides an opportunity to resolve the issue without conflict.”

The management confirmed that the overall salary volume cannot be increased beyond that, and the “VC” association has not commented on the details of the labor package yet, and no one has been able to obtain a comment from them.

If the powerful union accepts this proposal, Lufthansa and its customers will remain free from labor conflicts for at least three years.

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