Germany bids farewell to boxing legend René Weller

Former European boxing champion René Weller passed away on Tuesday, August 22, at the age of 69 due to complications from dementia.

René Weller, known by titles such as “Beautiful René,” “Golden Boy,” and “Champion,” is considered one of the prominent boxers in Germany’s history. He was once described by the magazine “Der Spiegel” as a “Fortressheim reaction to Muhammad Ali.”

The Golden Boy spends his final moments at his German home

Germany bids farewell to boxing legend René Weller

His wife, Maria, confirmed his passing on the night following his demise, stating:

“I departed at 5:50 PM, with me and by my side, peacefully in our home.”

René Weller was born on November 21, 1953, in the city of Frankfurt, and he started boxing at an early age. He achieved his first victory in a regional match when he was only fourteen years old.

He secured eight national titles in the featherweight and lightweight divisions, entering professional matches in June 1981. He emerged victorious in 52 out of 54 fights, with 24 of them ending in knockout.

In March 1984, he defeated the current European champion and Italian boxer Lucio Così to clinch his first European title. He reclaimed the title again on March 5, 1988. He retired from boxing in 1993.

Despite his sporting success, Weller faced several challenges outside the boxing ring. In 1999, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on charges related to cocaine trafficking, document forgery, and involvement in illegal activities. He was released in 2003 due to his good behavior.

After his release, Weller participated in reality TV shows and became a boxing coach. He spent his later years battling dementia, with the support of his wife Maria.

He once remarked:

“I’ve lived a wonderful life filled with challenges and victories, and I wouldn’t wish to trade my life with anyone else.”

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