Germany confirms its continued presence in Niger despite recent developments

In a statement issued by spokespeople on behalf of the German Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, it was confirmed that the German government will not currently evacuate its citizens or soldiers from Niger, based on a careful assessment of the current situation there.

And a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:

“Our current assessment indicates that there is no need for an evacuation process at the present time,” according to statements reported by Reuters.

Germany reaffirms its continued presence in Niger despite recent developments

The speaker expressed the readiness of the German government to confront any possible developments in the West African state.

It is worth noting that Niger witnessed a change in its political system last Wednesday, as the authority of Niger’s President, Mohamed Bazoum, was overthrown by General Abdoul Rahman Chiany, the head of the Presidential Guard unit in Niger.

In his television speech, General Chiani explained that his military group took control of power due to several challenges facing Niger, such as the lack of security, economic problems, corruption, and other issues.

Germany remains committed to being present and cooperating with Niger amid these new developments, demonstrating its dedication to supporting stability in the region despite the security and political challenges it faces.

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