Germany is facing threats to its energy supplies in the upcoming winter

The German Federal Network Agency has warned of potential risks that could lead to energy supply shortages during the upcoming winter, despite gas reserves being filled up to 90%. The agency has urged citizens to conserve energy to prevent a crisis.

Klaus Müller, the head of the network, clarified in his statements to the newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung,” that there are existing risks despite relying on multiple gas sources.

The upcoming winter is expected to be challenging for Germany

Germany is facing threats to its energy supplies in the upcoming winter

There is a warning about the scenario of an extremely cold winter in Europe and the potential threat of the Russian gas supply to Southeastern Europe being disrupted. Additionally, the risks of attacks on pipelines are also highlighted.

It was also pointed out that German gas storage facilities are experiencing higher levels of filling this year compared to the previous year, indicating increased efforts to secure energy needs.

Nevertheless, he emphasized the necessity of conserving and using gas cautiously during the heating season.

In this context, an economic expert spoke to the newspaper about certain European countries continuing to purchase Russian gas. He cautioned against supply disruptions and potential impacts on the European economy, expressing hope for a smooth passage through the winter season without issues.

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