Germany is planning to replace cash allowances for asylum seekers with payment cards

Several German states, including Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Bavaria, have begun taking steps towards replacing cash allowances received by asylum seekers with electronic payment cards. This move aims to streamline the process and enhance its efficiency.

According to German media reports, this decision comes in response to challenges associated with the time and effort required for handling cash transactions. The new approach reflects a concern for the security of asylum seekers, as the use of payment cards can potentially reduce the risk of fraud or theft.

Germany is proposing payment cards for the allowances of asylum seekers

Germany plans to replace cash allowances for asylum seekers with payment cards

The cards have been designed to have a limited available balance and are not usable for gambling purposes. If this trial proves successful, it is anticipated that the use of payment cards will be expanded nationwide.

It is noted that the rights of asylum seekers include receiving allowances to meet their basic needs. The value of these allowances is dependent on living conditions and age. Currently, the monthly allowance provided to a single adult is 182 euros.

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