Germany may struggle to achieve its goal of operating 15 million electric cars by 2030

Forecasts by German automotive expert Stefan Bratzel suggest that Germany might not reach its declared goal of operating 15 million electric cars on its roads by the year 2030

Bratzel, the head of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch Gladbach, clarified that the current trend indicates that the expected number of electric cars by 2030 would likely reach only between 7 to 8 million vehicles.

Electric cars in Germany are defying expectations

Germany may fail to achieve its goal of deploying 15 million electric vehicles by 2030

Despite the current subsidy of 4,500 euros per electric vehicle, the federal government intends to reduce it to 3,000 euros starting from the coming year.

The number of licensed electric vehicles in the first half of this year reached approximately 1.2 million cars, accounting for about 2.4% of the total vehicle inventory in the country.

Despite the support, the International Federation of Automobile Manufacturers pointed out the need for an extension of government incentives, affirming that the market has not witnessed significant progress this year.

Volkswagen leads the list of electric vehicles in Germany with 207,000 cars, followed by Tesla and Renault.

Data from CAM (Center of Automotive Management) revealed an increase in the proportion of electric SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles among electric cars, rising from 26% last year to over 35% this year.

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