Germany’s cry: Labor shortage threatens to paralyze hospitality and tourism sector

The hospitality industry in Germany is facing a major challenge due to a shortage of workers exceeding 65,000, according to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). These numbers reflect the grim reality that the industry and the companies in it are facing.

In this difficult situation, Sandra Warden, a labor market expert at Dehoga, confirmed that the crisis is continuing to increase, especially during the summer holidays and the rising demand for tourism.

The current number of job vacancies is just a small fraction of the actual demand, which far exceeds official statistics.

Some companies are forced to take drastic measures to cope with this problem, such as reducing working hours or closing their doors on certain days. Others focus on providing self-service to customers instead of traditional service.

Labor Shortage in Germany

Germany: labor shortage threatens hospitality and tourism sector

In these challenging times, the industry is eager to take advantage of the possibilities of immigration reform, as well as to facilitate the employment of refugees. This could represent an opportunity to alleviate the labor shortage and strengthen the sector’s workforce.

We are facing a collective challenge that requires collaboration and creativity to find sustainable and effective solutions that will help us overcome this crisis and improve the sector in the months and years to come.

Radical steps must be taken to enhance the attractiveness of the hospitality industry and encourage more local and foreign workers to work in this vital and important sector of the German economy.

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