Goodbye Twitter and hello X

Twitter was transformed into X through an initiative led by its owner, Elon Musk, a well-known figure for his innovative spirit and success in leading several major technology companies.

Musk has announced a change of name for this famous platform of short tweets to “X.” Additionally, he made modifications to its logo, replacing the traditional blue bird with a stylish and appealing letter “X.”

Twitter has also witnessed a new structural transformation, with the establishment of a new company named “X Corp” to serve as the operating entity managing this platform, which Musk considers an essential part of his vision for the future of social communication and technology.

The blue Twitter bird flies and comes to its place X

Goodbye, Twitter, and welcome X

This step came as part of Musk’s plan to transform Twitter into a multi-functional application, where he indicated that he would gradually abandon the “Twitter” brand and instead focus on launching a comprehensive integrated platform called “X.”

This includes numerous new features and major improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience and meeting their diverse needs.

It is known that Twitter relied primarily on advertisements as a source of revenue, but after its acquisition by Musk, the revenues witnessed a significant decline, shrinking by 50%. This was a result of some major clients withdrawing due to their concerns about Musk’s policies’ impact on content control and the brand environment.

In order to restore confidence and stabilize the situation, Musk appointed Linda Yaccarino, the former advertising executive at the media giant NBCUniversal, to assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of Twitter.

In addition to working on developing a new business model that relies more on subscriptions and paid services, aiming to enhance the company’s performance and restore its economic growth.

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