How to obtain British citizenship and permanent residency

How to obtain British citizenship” is a common question asked by Arabs, as British citizenship entails numerous rights and privileges for its holders.

And you can obtain it through various methods, including the principle of jus soli or birthright in Britain, or through direct investment in the country.

British citizenship is granted to individuals who belong to or permanently reside in the country based on a set of conditions determined and regulated by British law.

Recently, after the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, there has been a change in the process of obtaining British citizenship. As the UK is no longer a member of the European Union based on the signed withdrawal agreement between the UK and the European Union.

In this article presented to you through the Almanypedia encyclopedia, we will explain how to obtain British citizenship. In addition to its conditions and features.

How to obtain British citizenship

How to obtain British citizenship

Foreigners can apply for British citizenship after obtaining permanent residency for five years, and the waiting period is 12 months from the date of application submission.

The circumstances and requirements vary depending on the nationality of the applicant and whether they have family living in the United Kingdom. Generally, obtaining British citizenship is a straightforward process for citizens of European Union countries, but it can be somewhat complex for other nationalities.

The British Nationality Act, formulated in 1981, is the basis for the possibility of certain categories of foreign nationals and citizens of former British colonies to acquire British citizenship through straightforward means. Below, we explain how to obtain British citizenship:

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Acquiring British citizenship by birth

Individuals born to fathers who possess lands under the British Crown, whether within the Kingdom or one of its dependent islands, are entitled to British nationality based on the principle of jus sanguinis.

In the case of a child being born in the UK or if one of the parents is a father or mother holding permanent British residency, the child is considered a British citizen according to British law, and they are eligible to apply for British citizenship immediately without any procedures.

If a child is born outside British territory, they may be eligible for citizenship. However, on the other hand, the children of this child cannot directly obtain British citizenship.

Applicants for British citizenship must have been resident for five years, be proficient in English, have no criminal convictions, meet the English language requirements, pass the Life in the UK test, and fulfill all the applicable fees, which are subject to change.

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Obtaining British citizenship through marriage

How to obtain British citizenship through investment

After learning about how to obtain British citizenship through birth, is it possible to acquire it through investment?

By investing in British lands, you can apply for the citizenship by investment program, and the applicant must reside in the Kingdom for six years or more and have sufficient income.

It should not rely on the state, and the loyalty should be divided between the kingdom, affirming the desire to stay. The investor visa is the fastest way to obtain British citizenship, and its cost is £1,623.

The investment must be worth £2,000,000, and the visa is valid for a period of three years, with permanent residency obtained after five years. Proficiency in the English language is not a requirement for applicants. The investor is required to submit certain documents, including:

  • Confirmation of the legal origin of the funds.
  • Open an account with a financial institution to ensure financial behavior.
  • Passing the due diligence examination for the bank.

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Obtaining British citizenship through marriage

Does Britain allow multiple nationalities?

Foreigners can obtain British citizenship by marrying a person who holds British nationality. This process is known as naturalization through marriage.

However, there are a set of conditions that must apply to the applicant and significantly impact the process of obtaining British citizenship for a married individual. These conditions are as follows:

  • To be 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant should be married to or in a civil partnership with a British person.
  • Both parties are required to reside in the United Kingdom for a minimum of three years from the date of application, which is one of the important conditions that affect the process of obtaining British citizenship.

An applicant can obtain citizenship through marriage by submitting a permanent residence document to prove permanent residency, providing evidence of residency for the past three years, demonstrating knowledge of the English or Scottish language, and passing the Life in the UK test.

And, of course, it is required that the applicant has good character, meaning that their criminal record is free of charges, and the applicant commits not to leave the UK for more than 270 days during that period.

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The conditions for obtaining permanent residency in the United Kingdom

Requirements for obtaining British citizenship

Britain remains the country where many people aspire to obtain permanent residency, as the state guarantees a better life for them and their families.

To be clear, obtaining permanent residency in the UK is a challenging process that requires a series of lengthy and complex procedures. It involves submitting various necessary documents and meeting certain requirements and conditions that affect the eligibility for British citizenship. Some of these requirements include the following:

  • First, gather all the required papers and documents, then access the UK immigration website “here” and complete the 88-section form. Please submit the form along with the following documents:
    • passport.
    • Fingerprint.
    • birth certificate.
    • Proof of marriage (in case of marriage).
    • Security certificate.
    • income guide.
    • proof for passing the Life in Britain test.
    • The qualification is in English.
    • Proof of residency in Britain for 5 years.
    • Biometrics.
    • 3 personal photos.
  • Applying for an indefinite residence permit from the municipality council.
  • Submitting a family reunification application.
  • One of the requirements for obtaining permanent residency in the UK is to apply for a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 5 visa.
  • Passing the British Citizenship Test (which is a test on the language, history, and culture of the country).
  • Mastery of the English language is a complete proficiency that is assessed by a committee known as KoLL.
  • Passing the British citizenship test, which is a 45-minute exam consisting of 24 multiple-choice questions, is one of the most important requirements for obtaining permanent residency in the UK.

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Does Britain allow for multiple nationalities?

Conditions for obtaining permanent residency in Britain

The concept of nationality, in general, is what determines the identity of a specific individual with the aim of creating a form of social, economic, and political balance.

The term “dual nationality” is a term that suggests the possibility for an individual to hold another nationality in addition to their native country in which they were born. If you are wondering whether the United Kingdom (Britain) allows dual nationality, then know that the United Kingdom is one of the countries that permits dual nationality within its borders.

It is not a requirement to renounce your original nationality to obtain British citizenship, but individuals holding dual citizenship in the UK should be aware that the British government has the authority to revoke citizenship at any time if it is deemed in the country’s best interest.

The price of a British passport

After learning how to obtain British citizenship, it should be noted that the British passport is considered one of the best passports in the world.

Whereas it grants the holder the possibility to enter many countries without a visa, and grants the holder full right to approach the British embassy and request diplomatic protection on any territory.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries that enjoys a strong economy and holds significant political weight. It provides its citizens with a first-class healthcare system and guarantees the right to healthcare and education.

Any person who has been resident in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years, or has obtained British citizenship through any of the conditions mentioned in the beginning of the article, can obtain a British passport. The passport fees are as follows:

  • The price of an adult British passport (16 years and older) consisting of 34 pages is £93.
  • The cost of a UK adult frequent traveler passport (+16 years) consisting of 50 pages is priced at £104.
  • The price of a British passport for children, consisting of 34 pages, is £64.

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Requirements for obtaining British citizenship

British passport price

To obtain a British passport, you must meet five essential requirements. If any of the general conditions are not met, you will never be able to obtain a passport unless the reason ceases to exist.

And those requirements are the same as the requirements for obtaining British citizenship, which allow you to obtain a passport. The following are the requirements for obtaining a British passport:

  • The minimum age requirement for applicants is 18 years old or above.
  • Having a good reputation, behavior, and being uninvolved in any serious crimes are among the most influential factors in obtaining British citizenship.
  • Proof of residence in the British territories.
  • Successfully passing the tests we have explained according to the nationality requirements.
  • The applicant must not have traveled for more than 90 days in the previous year prior to applying for citizenship.
  • One of the requirements for obtaining British citizenship is obtaining permanent residency or indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions about obtaining British citizenship

Which passport is stronger, the American or the British?

Both the American and British passports are ranked equally in terms of strength according to the global ranking of the most powerful passports. The British passport allows travel to over 174 countries visa-free, and it is also less costly for citizens compared to its American counterpart.

How long does it take to obtain residency in Britain?

The UK visa grants you a three-year period of stay, and after that period, you can apply to renew your stay, which can be extended for two years. After that, you can obtain permanent residency after a total of five years, as explained.

Is living in Britain easy?

Generally, the answer to this question varies from person to person. Some people believe that life in Britain is easy and straightforward, as the country has a strong rule of law and order, and a high level of cleanliness. The local residents are also very friendly. However, others may perceive it as a high-cost country compared to other nations.

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