Launching electric bus trips to the former mountainous stronghold of Hitler in Germany

In a breathtaking journey that captivates the senses, emissions-free green electric buses moved their way towards the legendary Eagle’s Nest building located near Berchtesgaden. This place used to be the gathering spot for the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and his followers in the past, where they held their secretive meetings.

Upon ascending the Kehlsteinhaus building, reaching heights comparable to mountain peaks at 1800 meters in the Upper Bavarian region, it became one of the highest bus stops in the country.

The building embraces admirers and visitors who flock to its distinctive restaurant, wonderful beer garden, and tourist information office.

The history of the Eagle’s Nest stronghold in Germany

Launching electric bus tours to Hitler's former mountain stronghold in Germany

The eagle’s nest was built by order of the prominent Nazi official Martin Bormann in the summer of 1937. The construction costs were borne by the Nazi Party, as it was an elaborately adorned elevator that served as the main entrance to the building. It transported visitors 124 meters up to the high ledge on which the building itself stood.

According to historians’ records, Hitler made his first visit to the building on September 16, 1938. He returned again to inaugurate the Eagle’s Nest on April 20, 1939, in a grand celebration to mark his 50th birthday.

Kelsteinhaus is located several kilometers above Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s summer residence, which was bombed by the Allies at the end of World War II.

Since 1952, the hazardous road has been closed to private vehicles, and tourists enjoy a magical journey that takes about twenty minutes by buses.

For a long period, buses powered by diesel engines dominated the magnificent road. However, recently, they have been replaced by eight modern electric buses equipped with powerful motors from the German company “MAN.” These electric motors can reach up to 480 kilowatts to adapt to rough terrains.

The Public Transport Authority in Upper Bavaria (RVV) is planning to gradually replace diesel vehicles with electric buses on various bus routes as well. The aim is to make a significant contribution to environmental conservation.

Last year, Kilshtainhaus buses transported over 270,000 people to the mountain peaks and safely and happily brought them back again.

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