Marcus Rossello Acquires Air Berlin Brand After Six Years of Bankruptcy

Six years have passed since the announcement of the bankruptcy of Germany’s largest airline, “Air Berlin.” However, the company’s brand has recently undergone a change in ownership.

Where Markus Rosselló, the founder of the German leisure airline “SunDAIR,” has acquired the brand for a sum of 120,000 euros.

Air Berlin now finds itself under the ownership of SunDAIR’s parent company

Markus Rosselló acquires the Air Berlin brand after six years of bankruptcy

According to the specialized aviation news website “Aerotelegraph,” the “Air Berlin” brand was transferred to Markus Rosselló’s company, named “Air 41,” in June. Rosselló confirmed the acquisition, indicating that there are some ideas for utilizing the brand, but no decisions have been made yet.

It’s worth noting that the brand of “Air Berlin” was subject to auction, with the intention of selling it for millions of euros to benefit the creditors, as expressed by the insolvency administrator, Lucas Flöther.

The bankruptcy of “Air Berlin” was announced on August 15, 2017, following years of losses. Portions of the company were subsequently sold to “Lufthansa” and “easyJet.”

It is likely that Rosselló won’t transform “Air Berlin” into the new branding for his existing airlines, particularly given that “SunDAIR” has already established itself in the market.

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