Maritime disaster: Fire engulfs ship carrying 3,000 cars en route from Germany to Egypt

In a commercial journey filled with challenges and hope, a devastating disaster shook the maritime world, as a cargo ship carrying more than 3,000 cars caught fire during its journey from the German port of Bremerhaven to Port Said in Egypt.

However, luck was not on the side of this ship, as it suffered a terrible fate while facing many difficulties in controlling the tragedy of the fire that broke out mysteriously under the ruins of the complex cargo.

Despite the efforts of the Dutch Coast Guard, hopes of extinguishing the fire were dashed, resulting in the loss of one crew member, and others were severely injured.

The burning ship coming from Germany to Egypt

Maritime tragedy: Fire engulfs ship carrying 3,000 cars en route from Germany to Egypt

“Fermental Highway” is the unfortunate ship that was engulfed in flames, carrying the Panamanian flag at its top, with a length of 199 meters, and the fire is still burning in it until the moment of writing these lines.

The story of the difficulty of extinguishing the fire branches out when the Dutch Coast Guard recounts their stubborn efforts to spray water on the burning body of the ship to extinguish the blazing flames. However, the water consumed in large quantities poses a risk to the safety of the ship, so will the fate of this giant sink in the depths of the sea?

In the midst of questions and doubts, the spokesperson for the Dutch Waterways and Public Works Authority, Edwin Versteeg, stated:

The fire has not been brought under control yet. It is difficult to put out the fire, possibly due to the cargo that the ship was carrying.

What is this mysterious cargo that may have caused the flames to surround the ship like a scorpion around its tail?

As the search for answers continues, speculation is rife about the cause of the fire. While the Coast Guard has stated that the cause is unknown, a spokesman has told Reuters that the fire started near an electric car. Could this simple vehicle have been the cause of the inferno that engulfed the ship?

The story of heroism and tragedy was not complete without real heroes standing in the face of the dancing flames on the deck of the ship. Witnesses recount how quickly the fire spread, so quickly that seven crew members bravely jumped from the deck, but their courage cost them dearly.

Some of them were injured when they jumped from a great height into the water, while others died in the flames.

The rescue heroes did not hesitate to save some of the crew from the arms of the water, and the helicopter wing was a solution to transport the remaining survivors of the crew, which consists of 23 souls, away from the burning ship.

The candles are lit on the doors of the rescuers, who are meeting to determine the next steps to face this giant that is being relentlessly destroyed by fire.

This horrific accident is the latest in a series of violent fires on car carriers. In recent months, a deadly fire broke out on another ship carrying hundreds of vehicles, killing two firefighters and injuring five others.

A year earlier, a fire broke out on another ship, destroying thousands of luxury cars off the coast of the Azores in Portugal.

The calm waters of the seas hide behind them stories that are both inspiring and heartbreaking, and despite the great challenges that we face in the world of the seas, the human will does not know defeat.

This is the beginning of the call for improving safety and prevention measures on board ships to protect the lives of those who seek to cross the seas in a safe way and with dreams free of fire.

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