Munich is gearing up to welcome the latest S-Bahn trains in Germany

The S-Bahn train network in Munich is scheduled for a major upgrade with the introduction of 90 new high-tech trains.

The new trains are expected to commence operation by the end of 2028, offering passengers more space, comfort, and innovative features.

The new S-Bahn train will be fully connected – without separate carriages – stretching over 200 meters in length, a first of its kind in Germany. It will accommodate more than 1841 passengers, providing ample space to meet the growing demand for transportation in the city.

Germany’s latest trains arrive in Munich

Munich prepares to welcome the latest S-Bahn trains in Germany

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The trains will also feature wide doors and entry areas to facilitate quick boarding and disembarking. Foldable seats will automatically close according to passenger load to create more space. Additionally, multi-purpose zones will provide space for bicycles, strollers, luggage, and mobility aids.

Spaces for wheelchair-accessible seats will be available at both ends of the train, and Bluetooth connectivity will assist passengers with hearing impairments.

The new trains will also introduce several features designed to make the journey more comfortable, such as LED lighting that adjusts to the time of day, and seating areas that provide extra legroom.

WiFi, USB ports, traditional power outlets, and ample storage space will also be available on the train.

The passenger information system will undergo significant enhancements, with screens inside and outside the train displaying information about the route, station details, and current occupancy.

The new trains will cost a total of 2 billion euros and will be built by Siemens Mobility, which won the contract through a Europe-wide tender.

Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility, stated:

“Siemens Mobility is extremely proud to be able to provide Munich with the most innovative German suburban trains. Thanks to the unprecedented digital features, high passenger comfort, environmental sustainability, and operational safety, this S-Bahn will set new standards for transitioning to sustainable transportation in Germany.”

Christian Bernreiter, Bavaria’s Minister of Transport, described the project as a ‘significant step towards the most environmentally-friendly transportation in Bavaria’s largest urban areas.

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With the new trains, which will benefit two-thirds of all public transportation passengers in Bavaria, he stated:

“We are opening a new door and leading S-Bahn trains in Munich towards the future.”

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