Opposition from German experts to implementing mandatory helmet laws for cyclists

In the latest opinion poll conducted by DEKRA and Forsa, it was revealed that the vast majority of German residents support mandatory helmet usage while cycling.

Nevertheless, numerous experts reject this proposal for various reasons, including the argument that such a law could be difficult to enforce and might render cycling a less appealing activity.

Despite consensus among various organizations such as ADAC, the General German Bicycle Club, the Ministry of Transport, and accident researchers on the importance of helmet wearing, these entities do not support the imposition of mandatory laws in this context.

The reasons behind this seem to be not purely medical, but rather stem from other factors.

Opposition to wearing bicycle helmets in Germany

Opposition of German experts to implementing mandatory laws for wearing helmets while cycling

Siegfried Brockmann, Director of Accident Research at insurance companies, states that he personally has no objection to imposing this requirement, but he sees legal issues in the matter.

Imposing mandatory helmet usage might conflict with the guaranteed right to personal development in the German Constitution. Brockmann points out that the situation was different when seatbelt laws were enforced in cars, as the fatality rates in accidents were much higher at that time.

On his part, Marcus Löffler from ADAC in Saxony state believes that implementing a mandatory helmet law would be challenging to enforce due to the large number of cyclists and the difficulty of monitoring them by the police.

On the other hand, Conrad Krautz, the Executive Director of the Cycling Club in Saxony, is concerned that imposing the obligation might make cycling a less attractive activity, referring to studies from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

In conclusion, while experts oppose the mandatory helmet requirement, a spokesperson from DEKRA, Wolfgang Sigloch, notes that around 59% of the surveyed individuals support mandatory helmet usage.

It’s worth mentioning that there are laws that mandate helmet usage for specific types of electric bicycles that exceed a speed of 25 km/h.

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