Primary school teachers in Schleswig-Holstein will receive higher salaries by the year 2024

Karen Brenn, the Minister of Education in Schleswig-Holstein from the Christian Democratic Union party, has announced that the new classification for salaries of primary school teachers under the A13 salary category will be fully implemented in the coming year.

The program began in 2020 and has been implemented gradually, with 80% of it now achieved. Brenn stated to the German news agency:

“In the upcoming academic year, we will have achieved full salary parity for primary school teachers, and we were among the first states to initiate its implementation.”

Salaries of teachers in Schleswig-Holstein are being elevated to the A13 category

Primary school teachers in Schleswig-Holstein will receive higher salaries by the year 2024

She added that this step has had a positive impact, as they have witnessed an increased interest from teachers who have not previously worked in Schleswig-Holstein.

She indicated that the issue of lower salaries for primary school teachers was a significant concern, especially for male teachers. In two steps, salaries for administrative staff in primary schools were raised to the A14 category, which contributed to attracting more applicants.

On his part, Martin Habersaat, a member of the parliament from the Social Democratic Party, pointed out that Schleswig-Holstein was one of the first states to begin increasing salaries for primary school teachers, but the pace led to quickly losing the pioneering status.

In Hamburg, all primary school teachers receive the A13 category, and Hamburg is considered one of the prominent competitors, offering a more attractive working model that alleviates the pressure on primary teachers.

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