Serious Environmental Catastrophe in the Mainz-Kostheim Region of Hesse State

In the Mainz-Kostheim region of Hesse state, hazardous substances leaked from an industrial site, prompting a significant response from the firefighting teams in Wiesbaden.

Media reports have confirmed that this leakage occurred at the Essity paper factory in the Wiesbaden area, a part of the Mainz-Kostheim region. According to the information available, approximately 100 firefighters are currently on-site, and issued warnings suggest that the leaked substances could pose health issues.

The firefighting team is cautioning residents in the Mainz-Kostheim region

Serious Environmental Catastrophe in the Mainz-Kostheim Region of Hesse State

In a statement by a spokesperson for the Wiesbaden firefighting team, it was clarified that the alarm system at the factory was activated around 8:00 PM, and it is possible that a fire ignited in paper bales as well as chemical bleaching materials.

He further added that the firefighters reported unusual odors at the site, and currently, measurements are being taken to determine the cause of the fire.

Despite not yet confirming the extent of the hazardousness of the burning materials, the firefighting team has urged residents to avoid the affected area and stay at a considerable distance from it.

Residents have also been advised to close windows and doors, refrain from using ventilation and cooling systems, and to remain indoors. They are encouraged to inform their neighbors if necessary.

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