Strategic Warning: Germany Weighs Environmental Impact of Tesla’s Berlin Factory Expansion

Tesla’s plans to expand its electric car factory in a region near Berlin have raised strategic concerns in Germany, as the regional water association has warned of potential negative impacts on groundwater.

The Strausberg-Erkner water board confirmed in a statement that the possibility of reserving an area of one million square meters and establishing facilities with an area exceeding 963,000 square meters could have a negative impact on the formation of new groundwater.

Germany weighs environmental impact of Tesla's Berlin factory expansion

The council pointed out that this massive expansion could require a reduction in other groundwater quantities, as well as the extraction of an additional 61,000 cubic meters, which could directly affect the public drinking water supply.

The council stressed the importance of taking this fact into account during the future expansion planning process, especially since the proposed site is partially located on protected water lands, which makes environmental concerns legitimate under these circumstances.

Environmental groups are working to clarify the potential impacts of this expansion, given the importance of conserving water resources and maintaining the ecological balance in the region.

The relevant authorities should consider these concerns and look for ways to expand in ways that protect the local environment as much as possible.

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