Subscribers maintain price stability: One million new subscribers thanks to Germany’s ticket

After the success of the 9 Euro ticket, hopes were raised for the Germany ticket, and those hopes were not disappointed. According to the Minister of Transport, Mr. Weising, one million new subscribers are joining, with a special focus on existing subscribers. This is also aimed at influencing future price developments.

Federal Transport Minister, Volker Wissing, sees opportunities for a sustainable increase in the use of buses and trains, almost three months after the launch of the Germany Ticket.

The politician from the Democratic Freedom Party stated that:

“The ticket has truly been a tremendous success, as it has garnered nearly one million new subscribers to public transportation (ÖPNV) in less than three months since its launch. The number of regular public transport users has increased, which means that it is not just casual usage, but a daily usage.”

Subscribers maintain price stability: One million new subscribers, thanks to the Germany ticket

The President of DB-Regio, Evelyn Bala, expressed the same opinion when she told the German Editorial Network (RND):

“We are very pleased with the ticket to Germany; it’s convenient, affordable, and environmentally and digitally friendly. It is a novel means of public transportation. In June, the number of people using our trains increased by 25 percent compared to April, and not only that, they also covered very long distances on public transport.”

“The transportation lines heading towards the sea and mountains, especially, were extremely popular during the holiday period,” said Paula to the German Liberation Network.

“In some areas, people commute in large quantities similar to the summer season with a 9 Euro ticket.”

The 49 Euro monthly ticket for Germany can be used since May 1st – it is a monthly subscription that can be booked online and canceled on a monthly basis, and it is valid for public transportation throughout Germany.

The mentioned value (49 euros) is considered the introductory price. Therefore, it is not ruled out to raise prices later due to cost increases.

Will the ticket to Germany remain priced at 49 euros?

“I have urged both the federal government and the federal states to maintain a fixed price of 49 euros,” she told the German Liberation Network.

“The German ticket must remain highly attractive, so we hope the price stays affordable, allowing many people to have access to daily transportation.”

Moreover,” Wessing stated:

“A subscription was a solution for me, as it addresses the cost issue. When you have a subscription, you save money every time you use public transportation. However, when you don’t have a subscription, you have to pay separately each time. The more subscribers there are, the more the Germany ticket can remain reasonably priced. Therefore, we must work on encouraging as many people as possible to benefit sustainably from the ticket.”

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