Suggestions for reducing energy standards to address the economic crisis in the construction sector in Germany

Despite the economic pressure facing the construction sector in Germany due to increased costs and rising interest rates, Federal Minister of Construction, Clara Gewitz, from the SPD party, is seeking to support this sector by postponing the implementation of stricter energy standards.

It was originally planned that those building a new house by 2025 and seeking financial support from the state would be required to provide the building with an external insulation layer ranging from 25 to 30 centimeters in thickness, in accordance with the energy standard EH-40. This standard stipulates that the energy consumption of the building should be only 40% compared to traditional houses.

The construction sector in Germany is grappling with cost pressures and rising interest rates

Proposals for Relaxing Energy Standards to Address the Economic Crisis in the Construction Sector in Germany

Felix Backleba, the CEO of the Central Association of German Construction, believes that this step could potentially save between 300 and 400 euros per square meter of new construction space.

The association has endorsed this proposal, considering that the ongoing enforcement of energy standards might not currently reflect market needs, especially given the material price increases due to the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical events, alongside a stable interest rate of 4%.

Backleba believes that the relaxation of energy standards would send a positive signal to stimulate the construction sector and alleviate the tense situation in the rental market.

However, the Green Party opposes these proposals, emphasizing the need for stricter environmental standards. Christina-Johanna Schröder, the spokesperson for construction policies of the Green Party, explained that effective measures are necessary to reduce emissions in the construction sector.

She considers that this could be achieved through alternative models that support construction without compromising environmental protection standards.

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