Technical Glitch Forces German Foreign Minister to Halt in Abu Dhabi

Ms. Annalena Baerbock, the German Foreign Minister, was compelled to make a brief stop in Abu Dhabi today due to a technical issue that arose on her government Airbus A340 aircraft.

She was en route to the Australian capital, Canberra, at the outset of a tour that would also encompass New Zealand and Fiji.

In further details, preliminary information indicates that a “mechanical issue with the landing flaps” is the cause behind this malfunction.

German Foreign Minister Lands in the UAE Due to Aircraft Malfunction

Technical Glitch Forces German Foreign Minister to Stop in Abu Dhabi

The spokesperson for the ministry, Sebastian Fischer, confirmed this information on the X website, formerly known as Twitter.

According to the German news agency, the pilot noticed the issue shortly after takeoff, prompting a return landing after approximately 80 tons of fuel were unloaded, all of which occurred within a span of two hours.

Despite these events, the German Air Force affirmed that it is “making every effort” to ensure the completion of the delegation’s journey.

It is worth noting that German government aircraft have faced a series of technical issues recently, affecting the travel schedules of several high-ranking officials.

In a previous incident in May, Baerbock had to delay her trip in the Arabian Gulf region by a day due to a tire damage on her aircraft while it was in Qatar.

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