Tesla firmly dominates the global electric vehicle market, surpassing the sales of German companies

Despite the ambitious aspirations declared by major German automotive companies in recent years to transition to the era of electric vehicles and compete with the American company Tesla in the global market, The reality continues to affirm Tesla’s continuous excellence and strengthen its dominance in this sector

Bloomberg News agency stated that Tesla’s success has not been limited to attaining a prestigious position in the global market; rather, its sales have surpassed the combined sales of Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz Group, and Porsche for electric vehicles during the first half of the current year.

Tesla dominates the German car market

Tesla strongly dominates the global electric car market and surpasses the sales of German companies

The challenges facing German companies in the field of software and advanced technologies for electric vehicles are evident. These difficulties have impacted their ability to introduce flagship models to the market, leading to a decline in their sales in China, the world’s largest automotive market.

On the other hand, Tesla and its Chinese competitor, B.Y.D, achieved significant growth in this vital market.

Excellence is not limited to the international market alone; Tesla has also secured the top position in its home market, Germany, in terms of sales volume during the first half of the current year.

As the world awaits the results of Porsche’s luxury cars in the second quarter of this year, and the results of Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen in the next two days, Tesla’s success is causing increased pressure on traditional German companies, which are struggling to maintain their position in the market.

It is noted that Tesla’s electric car sales in the second quarter of the current year have surpassed Volkswagen’s sales by up to 30 percentage points, further bolstering its growing dominance in this competitive market.

At a time when German companies’ efforts to reach agreements with labor unions regarding the restructuring of their traditional car manufacturing plants to produce electric vehicles are escalating, Tesla is determined to expand its operations in Germany and establish a new factory in Mexico.

According to Matthias Schmeidt, the analyst specialized in the German automotive market, Tesla continues to lead the global market competition by a significant margin, outperforming German companies in all major markets without a doubt.

This clearly indicates that German companies are facing pressures to increase their production volume in order to achieve the required economic sustainability to make electric vehicles profitable.

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