The Asian tiger mosquito is causing concern among experts in Germany

The Asian tiger mosquito regularly appears in Germany, with its presence documented in all federal states. A biological researcher has cautioned about the German authorities overlooking the danger posed by this mosquito species, especially considering its capability to transmit serious viruses.

Despite some German states initiating campaigns to combat it, the Asian tiger mosquito continues to manifest itself prominently in central regions of Germany.

A spokesperson for the city of Jena stated that the city began monitoring the mosquito since the discovery of the first sample in 2016. Despite not finding any samples since 2018, this does not imply its absence.

The Asian tiger mosquito is prevalent in Germany

The Asian tiger mosquito is causing concern among experts in Germany

Doreen Werner, a biological researcher from the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Research, has affirmed the necessity for comprehensive monitoring of the Asian tiger mosquito. She stated that authorities have inadequately addressed this mosquito species.

This mosquito originally hails from the Mediterranean region and reaches Germany through commercial transport or returning tourists. Although there hasn’t been confirmation of disease transmission by this mosquito in Germany thus far, Werner believes that it is imperative to earnestly work towards curtailing its spread and minimizing its threat.

Werner points out that the Asian tiger mosquito is slow-moving and initially confined to a small range, offering a genuine opportunity for its elimination before it expands further.

She emphasizes the importance of raising awareness and collaborating with the public to gather accurate information regarding the presence of this mosquito species.

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