The burial fees at Dortmund cemeteries in Germany have significantly increased

In light of the current economic contraction and inflation, Dortmund’s German city cemeteries are no longer an exception. A recent study conducted by the burial company mymoria, which compared grave prices in Germany in 2023, revealed that Dortmund ranks at the top of the list in terms of price increases.

It has been revealed that the cost of an underground grave in Dortmund has increased by 6.7% compared to the previous year, reaching an average value of 2,880 euros.

Meanwhile, the cost of a renovation grave amounts to approximately 1,560 euros, reflecting an increase of 9.9%. However, the most substantial increments were observed in the interment of trees within the city, which saw a rise of 10.5%, resulting in a total cost of 3,730 euros.

The prices of Dortmund’s German cemeteries have reached record levels

Significant Increase in Burial Fees at Dortmund Cemeteries in Germany

In this context, Dortmund topped the list when it comes to the cost of tree burial, with burial fees reaching 3,730 euros. This amount is nearly a quarter of what is paid in Dresden, where fees are only 939.66 euros.

It’s worth noting that the city of Frankfurt has increased its fees by nearly 12%, surpassing Dortmund, which has now moved to the second position with a fee of 2,880 euros.

The city of Dortmund announced in November of last year that municipal cemetery fees would be increased by a rate of 5.9% in 2023. This decision was driven by the significant rise in prices, particularly in energy, materials, and construction costs, as well as the wage increases in the public sector.

In this context, the press spokesperson, Alexandra Schorman, pointed out that comparing fees across different cities could be misleading due to the variations in services provided by cemeteries in each location.

For example, Dortmund cemeteries do not impose fees for storing cremated remains, whereas some other cemeteries do.

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