The deadline to receive a financial support of 200 euros from the federal government is approaching

As the end of September approaches, experts warn that many students might miss out on the opportunity to avail the financial support provided by the German government to mitigate the impacts of the energy crisis.

Recent figures indicate that more than one in five eligible students in the Mitteldorf region have not yet submitted their applications to receive this financial assistance.

The federal government launched this initiative in September of last year, providing a sum of 200 euros to each student in universities and technical schools. The aim was to alleviate the financial burdens resulting from the rising energy costs.

The federal government is awaiting the remaining students to avail the 200 euro support

The deadline to receive the financial support of 200 euros from the federal government

Recent inquiries have revealed that a significant proportion of students in certain states have not yet submitted their applications, despite the approaching deadline.

Statistics indicate that 23.7% of students in Saxony-Anhalt and 21.5% in Saxony have not yet submitted their applications.

In light of these figures, there is an emphasis on the importance of expediting the submission of applications before the end of September. While the federal government provides the support, the implementation of the initiative is the responsibility of the regional governments.

A dedicated online platform has been provided for this purpose, allowing students to access details and submit their applications.

It should be noted that eligible students for this support are those who were enrolled in universities or technical schools by December 1, 2022, and had a residence or “normal place of residence” in Germany on this date.

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