The end of the cooperation between LBB and Amazon Germany Visa Card

The news has been hinted at for a while, and now it is a fact: Berlin Savings Bank (LBB) and have decided to end their cooperation on the current Amazon Germany Visa Card.

Starting today, affected customers have begun receiving emails from the bank outlining the next steps, as it appears that users are being notified gradually.

Amazon Germany Visa Card to Split from LBB

End of cooperation between LBB and Amazon Germany Visa Card

What’s next? Simply put, Berliner Sparkasse and Amazon Germany have decided to end their cooperation regarding the Visa Card, but this will not happen immediately. There are three important dates for you.

If you choose not to take any action, your card account will be closed on September 30, 2023. If you would like to obtain a Visa Card Extra with different terms, it will take longer.

This card will no longer allow you to earn Amazon Rewards Points and will cost you €19.99 per year. You must make your decision based on your own assessment. If you accept the offer, you can use your current Amazon Germany Visa Card until March 26, 2024, and then you will receive a Visa Card Extra in the same year.

There is also a third date to note: if you request Visa Card Extra contract forms and do not return them by November 15, 2023, your contract will be canceled on November 30, 2023.

Nonetheless, you must decide to get a Visa Card Extra. The conversion will not be automatic, as Visa Card Extra is exclusively issued and managed by Berlin Business Bank, a subsidiary of Berlin Savings Bank. You will receive additional information about this offer via email.

The new card, Visa Card Extra, offers 0.75% cash back on purchases up to 5,000 euros per year. In my opinion, these terms are less attractive than the previous Visa card, especially if you use the card as part of a Prime membership.

It is not possible to transfer funds from the Visa card to the Visa Card Extra. The closure of the Visa card and any new activation of the Visa Card Extra will be reported to SCHUFA.

Warning: Unused Amazon points will expire based on the date your card is canceled, so be sure to download your credit card statements before closing your account.

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