The German government is conducting a vote on the nationality law

It is expected that the German government will approve the dual nationality law in its meeting today, Wednesday. The government resumed its activities after the summer break on Monday and is making swift progress towards implementing significant changes to German nationality laws.

Stefan Thomay, the politician from the Free Democratic Party (FDP) leading these reforms, confirmed that the vote on the law proposal will take place in the government’s meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd.

The German government is voicing its position on the nationality law

The German government is conducting a vote on the nationality law on Wednesday

The spokesperson for Thomay stated that the law would be presented to the government during its summer break and added that the revised version is expected to be presented in the government’s meeting on Wednesday.

The spokesperson confirmed that there are “no points of contention” in the current version of the law, indicating that the government has addressed the controversial aspects of the proposal.

In the event of a successful vote within the government, this would pave the way for a vote in the parliament after its return from recess on September 5th.

Since the formation of the coalition between the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Greens, and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in December 2021, the government has been working on restructuring nationality laws. A preliminary version of the new law was published in May on the Ministry of Interior’s website.

The reforms detailed in the law include the abolition of an old rule that prevents non-European Union citizens from holding multiple nationalities. Once the law comes into effect, individuals from non-European Union countries will be able to retain their old passports even after becoming German citizens.

Other changes also include reducing the required period for naturalization from eight years to five years, or from six to three years in exceptional cases. Language requirements will also be eased for individuals aged over 67 years.

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