The German Minister of Finance affirms Germany’s ongoing support for Ukraine during his first visit since the Russian invasion

In his first visit to Kyiv in over three years, German Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner, expressed his country’s enduring solidarity with Ukraine, which has been facing the Russian invasion since February 2022.

During his tour, Lindner emphasized the significance of standing by Ukraine in its battle to defend Western values. He further stated:

“Ukraine must not lose this war, as it is defending the future of the European order of peace and freedom.”

Christian Lindner announces Germany’s support for Ukraine

The German Minister of Finance reaffirms Germany's continuous support for Ukraine during his first visit since the Russian invasion

Lindner had arrived in Kyiv by train, in a visit that follows a series of high-level visits by German officials, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The Minister of Finance highlighted the significance of this visit, noting that he met with Ukraine, which had chosen democracy and a market economy during his last visit in 2020. He affirmed that the Russian attack on Ukraine was a consequence of this choice.

On the other hand, Lindner unveiled the bilateral assistance provided by Germany to Ukraine, which has amounted to 22 billion euros thus far. This includes support for internally displaced persons and refugees coming from Ukraine.

He further stated that German military support for Ukraine has exceeded 12 billion euros. He expressed his ministry’s intention to assist the Ukrainian financial sector in attracting more foreign investments.

It’s worth mentioning that Germany has provided financial assistance totaling 1.5 billion euros since the beginning of 2022. Recently, Germany also announced the postponement of Ukraine’s debt repayment until 2027. Additionally, Ukraine has received aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Germany is providing arms shipments to Ukraine, with the “Taurus” missiles currently sparking controversy regarding their delivery.

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