The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Germany defines the income of the wealthy in Germany

The concept of high income in Germany depends on a variety of factors, including the average income in the country, the cost of living, and the standard of living that an individual aspires to.

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What income is considered wealthy in Germany?

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Germany sets the monthly salary for the wealthy.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Germany, a person is considered wealthy in Germany if their monthly salary is three times the country’s average income.

Currently, the average income in Germany is 2600 euros per month, so a high income equals 7800 euros per month.

We can also infer wealth from the average salary of certain professions. For instance, doctors, engineers, and civil service teachers often receive a net income of 5200 euros or more.

This is more than what an ordinary person needs to survive, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are truly rich or not, according to a generally acceptable definition, as one can only speak of wealth as three times the income.

If a resident in Germany earns 3000 euros per month, they belong to the wealthiest 15% of the country’s population. However, if their earnings amount to 3500 euros, they are among the top 9% of the population, according to the German Economic Institute.

As for family evaluations, a couple who earns a combined income of 7000 euros per month is considered wealthy.

It is important to note that the concept of high income is relative; what may be considered high in one area may not be the same in another. For example, a monthly income of 7000 euros might be considered high in a small town, but it may not be so in a large city.

In the end, whether you consider yourself rich or not depends on your own perspective. If you are content with your income and standard of living, then you might consider yourself rich.

You can also learn more about getting to know the salaries for many of the main professions in Germany.

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