The President of the German Trade Union calls for a revolution in energy policy and a reduction in electricity prices

Peter Adrian, the President of the German Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, called for a professional review of the energy policy pursued by the German government, in a dedicated demand for improvement and continuous development.

The German newspaper “Velt am Zontag” quoted poignant excerpts from Adrian’s speech to the leaders of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which will be published tomorrow, Sunday.

President of the German Trade Union’s Speech on Energy

President of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Peter Adrian, calls for a review of the energy policy.

In this speech, he emphasized the importance of clear timelines for phasing out old technology and initiating the implementation of modern technology in a specific and organized manner.

Adrian pointed out that continuing on the current path would lead to an unexpected extension of the operation period for coal-fired power stations, hindering Germany from achieving its ambitious climate goals.

The president of the union emphasized the importance of permanently reducing electricity prices and supported this demand with logical and realistic reasons. In his speech, he stated:

“The energy prices in Germany remain remarkably high compared to other countries.”

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck reviewed a proposal to marginally reduce electricity prices for the industry. However, he pointed out that this suggestion requires expanding its scope to include all companies of different sizes, including medium-sized enterprises.

Peter Adrian emphasized that the German government must adopt decisive policies to reduce electricity tax to the minimum level practiced in Europe. This will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of local companies and supporting the growth of the German economy.

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