The price of silver in Germany today

There are those who inquire about the silver price in Germany today, driven by their curiosity to learn more about this precious metal. Whether it is for acquiring silver-based products or for investment purposes, the significant popularity and value of gold worldwide do not diminish people’s interest in silver or undermine its importance in any way.

In this article, we will discuss the silver prices in Germany today. However, before delving into pricing, doesn’t your curiosity push you to desire to explore more about the silver industry in Germany and its history? If Germany already possesses silver or acquires it from abroad?

The silver price in Germany today

Knowledge itself is a treasure no less valuable than gold and silver, my friend. Rest assured, we will cover all these aspects so that you will be well-informed about German silver and then be able to obtain information about the silver price in Germany today.

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Please don’t worry about the publication date of the article, as the silver prices in Germany that you will read here will be updated regularly to ensure the information remains relevant whenever you read the article.

The History of Silver Manufacturing in Germany

In the past, there was a certain confusion between genuine silver and a type of silver-like alloy that was produced in Germany. This alloy, which contained no actual silver, was composed of 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc. So, if it didn’t contain silver, why was it referred to as silver? And why is its price linked to the price of silver in Germany today? The term “silver” was used to describe this alloy due to its visual resemblance to real silver. It was manufactured as a cheaper alternative to genuine silver and was commonly used for various purposes, such as tableware and decorative items. However, it is important to note that this alloy does not possess the same properties or intrinsic value as real silver. As for its price being linked to the price of silver in Germany today, it is likely due to market factors and the historical association of this alloy with the term “silver.” Even though it does not contain actual silver, its value may be influenced by fluctuations in the price of genuine silver or by market demand for silver-like alloys.

Silver Prices Today in Germany in Euro

A valid question indeed, and the answer in brief is that the concept of manufacturing that resembles the color of silver originated in China first, not Germany. Specifically, it emerged during the reign of the Qing dynasty, which ruled China, and they began exporting this type to the West.

As for the beginning of silver manufacturing in Germany, it started around the year 1750, and by 1770, Germans succeeded in producing highly refined alloys. These alloys entered the English markets in the early 19th century and became known as German Silver alloys.

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The main idea behind the spread of this type in the markets was to lower the prices of silver used in various jewelry and other products. The presence of nickel in German silver gave it strength and made it closely resemble real silver. It is worth mentioning that the ratios of copper, zinc, and nickel were not fixed at the numbers mentioned, and they could vary in the alloy depending on the industry in which it would be used.

Uses of German silver alloys in the industry

Silver fineness

German silver alloys have secured their place in the English market due to their suitability for electroplating. They possess copper-like properties such as strength, luster, malleability, and high conductivity, which makes them easy to forge or shape into commercial sheets.

These alloys have been used in various industries, from cutlery to antique silverware. Despite lacking silver as an element and being only silver-plated, they have gained global popularity due to their diverse compositions. The numerous advantages they offer have given them an edge over pure silver in the industry. They are lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Types of Silver Fineness

Before delving into discussing silver prices in Germany today, we need to understand the different fineness levels of silver, which represent various types of this precious metal. Each type of silver fineness has its own composition, allowing you to determine the most suitable option for your needs and identify the best choice when you intend to make a purchase.

999 purity silver

Silver price in Germany

Here we are discussing a specific type of silver with a purity of 99.9%, commonly known as pure or fine silver. It is not extensively used in jewelry manufacturing due to its high susceptibility to scratches. So, the next time you inquire about the price of silver in Germany to acquire it as jewelry, be aware that the jewelry you come across is made of silver blended with various other metals.

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Silver with a fineness of 999 is distinguished by the hallmark F999 or the number 999 alone, which indicates the purity level of the silver. In terms of appearance, it shines like glass, making it easily recognizable by experts and individuals with a high interest in purchasing silver. As a result, it has always been associated with the silver price in Germany today.

960 silver

Argentium silver, developed by the brand Argentium, is one of the silver alloys known for its exceptional qualities. It is commonly referred to as “Argentium silver.” There are two purity grades available: the first grade with a purity of up to 93.2% and the second grade with a purity of 96%. Germanium and copper are added to the alloy, giving it the advantage of hardness and resistance to various forms of deformation. Argentium silver is also known for its ease of maintenance.

The price per gram of silver with a purity of 925 in Germany

925 silver

It is the most famous and widespread type of silver alloys. It is commonly referred to as “sterling silver” and has a purity level of 92.5%, with the remaining percentage consisting of copper and nickel. Sterling silver gained popularity in the 20th century and is known for its luster. It is the preferred choice for jewelry making and is relatively easy to clean compared to other types of silver alloys.

985 silver purity

It is a purity grade of silver, rated at 985, which corresponds to a silver content of 95.8%. It has been manufactured in Britain and is also one of the types whose price is related to the current silver price in Germany.

Silver prices in Germany today

Silver prices in Germany in euros (EUR)

We have reached the main part of this article, where we will discuss the price of silver in Germany today. Let’s delve into this section with some precision, and we will explain it in the following sequence: –

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  1. The price of 925-grade silver per gram in Germany in euros
  2. The price of an ounce of silver in Germany in euros.
  3. The price of one kilogram of silver in Germany in euros.

This will be explained in tables that will be updated on a daily basis, so let’s begin our journey of knowledge.

The price of one gram of silver with a purity of 999 in Germany

Dates and Prices of Grams of Silver in Germany in Euros (EUR)Silver gram prices in Germany in Euros (EUR)
May 26, 20230.69 Euros
May 25, 20230.69 Euros
May 24, 20230.69 Euros
May 23, 20230.70 Euros.
May 22, 20230.70 Euros.
May 21, 20230.71 Euros.
May 20, 20230.70 Euros.

We would like to remind visitors to our website that the previous table of the price of 925 silver gram in Germany will be updated on a daily basis to ensure that the latest information is available to you.

Silver ounce price in Germany in Euros (EUR)

Today's price of silver, 925 purity

In the previous table, we discussed the prices of silver per gram in Germany in euros (EUR). Now, we will provide you with a detailed table showing the price of silver per ounce in Germany in euros (EUR). Please note that the table will reflect the prices for the latest week in Germany per ounce, with the conversion rate of 31.1034768 grams per ounce. Kindly note that the table will be updated on a daily basis.

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Historical Silver Price Dates in Germany in Euro (EUR)Silver Price per ounce in Germany in Euro (EUR)
May 26, 202321.55 euros
May 25, 202321.44 euros
May 24, 202321.57 euros
May 23, 202321.71 euros
May 22, 2023€21.87
May 21, 2023€22.02
May 20, 2023€22.02

The price of one kilogram of silver in Germany in euros (EUR)

We will provide our dear readers with the silver prices in Germany per kilogram for the latest week in the following table, which will be regularly updated on a daily basis.

The price per ounce of silver in Germany in Euros (EUR)
Dates and prices of silver per kilogram in Germany in Euros (EUR)Silver prices for the last week in Germany per kilogram
May 26, 2023692.80 euros
May 25, 2023689.33 euros.
May 24, 2023693.58 euros
May 23, 2023698.19 euros
May 22, 2023703.17 euros
May 21, 2023708.11 euros
May 20, 2023708.11 euros

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Frequently Asked Questions about the price of silver in Germany today

Silver prices in Germany

How is the purity of silver measured in Germany?

This is determined through the German hallmarking system, which uses the national emblem of “the Crescent and Crown” as its symbol. The purity of silver is measured in parts per thousand. For example, if a piece or an alloy is determined to have a purity of 500 out of 1000, it would be referred to as 500 parts per thousand.

What is the current minimum purity level of German silver?

The minimum purity level of German silver currently reaches 800 out of 1000. Silver of purity grades 830, 835, 900, 925, and 935 is also produced.

When was the German Silver Rating Standard established?

The German Silver Rating Standard was established during a meeting held in 1888, and the rating system is still followed to this day.

What is the weight of an ounce of silver?

In the article, we discussed the price of an ounce of silver in Germany in euros (EUR). For those who are not familiar with the size of an ounce or what it is exactly, an ounce is a unit of measurement whose value varies depending on the object being weighed. –

If we were weighing precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, or platinum, the approximate weight of one ounce would be 31.10 grams.
If we were weighing other metals, the value of one ounce in this case would be approximately 28.3 grams, which is about 3 grams less than the weight of precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, or platinum.

What factors determine the price of silver for buyers in Germany today?

As we have seen before, silver comes in different purities, and its price in Germany today, as well as in other countries, fluctuates on a daily basis. This is influenced by several factors, including: –

1. The price of silver varies daily, differing from one purity level to another.
2. The nature of the product for which you wish to use silver, as it may vary in terms of its manufacturing process from one product to another.
3- The quality of the product manufactured using the silver alloy you have chosen to purchase.

Then, a mathematical equation is used to determine the pricing, which involves multiplying the current price of silver by the weight of the chosen silver alloy, and then adding the manufacturing cost to the result.

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