There has been a growing trend of forgery cases in prescriptions for the diabetes medication Ozempic in Germany

The medication “Ozempic” is considered one of the primary drugs used for diabetes patients, and its function is to control blood sugar levels.

However, the medication has shown another effect, which is appetite suppression, leading many individuals to seek it with the aim of weight loss. Reports from Germany have confirmed the emergence of counterfeit medical prescriptions for this medication in the market.

The diabetes medication Ozempic has stirred controversy in Germany

The number of forgery cases in prescriptions for the diabetes medication Ozempic has been increasing in Germany

Lutz Geberth, who owns two pharmacies in Thuringia and speaks on behalf of the Chamber of Pharmacists in the Altenburger region, has confirmed that he has dealt with a number of suspicious prescriptions.

And he said:

“I encountered a customer who had a forged prescription. When I informed them that the prescription was forged, they immediately presented a private Polish medical prescription. I retained both prescriptions and forwarded them to the police.”

The increased demand for the medication has led to a shortage in its stock. Geberth also confirmed that he receives calls from individuals inquiring about the availability of the medication in his pharmacy at least once a week.

In the state of Saxony, Frank Bendas, the executive director of the Chamber of Pharmacists, pointed out that forged prescriptions for the medication began to appear at the end of April and significantly increased in July.

He affirmed that there is a common pattern in these forged prescriptions, as they are written by “doctors” from areas far from Saxony, and the patients presenting the prescriptions are not from the local region.

Law enforcement authorities are also aware of the issue of forged prescriptions. A spokesperson from the Criminal Police Department in Saxony confirmed that these prescriptions are considered part of document forgery crimes.

It’s worth noting that the pursuit of the medication for weight loss purposes has become a trend in Germany, despite its primary purpose being the treatment of diabetes patients.

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