Title: The Epic Escape: The Journey of Migrants from Belarus to Poland and Their Fate in Germany

The pages of history turn, chronicling the tale of immigrants attempting to cross from Belarus to Poland and Germany through illegal means, despite strenuous efforts to close the borders. This story revolves around the endeavors of skillful smugglers to clandestinely transport these migrants into the European bloc.

The numbers bear witness to the scale of the challenge facing the Polish Border Guard forces, as nearly 1000 migrants attempted to cross from Belarus into Poland during the past week, and then continue their journey towards Germany.

The number of migrants who have been detained to assist in migration to Poland has reached 418 people since the beginning of this year. This figure indicates a rise in the number of migrants and the security forces responsible for border control.

The migrants from Belarus to Poland and then to Germany

Title: Epic - The Escape - The Journey of Migrants from Belarus to Poland and Their Fate in Germany

Despite the difficulties imposed by the European Union on airlines regarding the transportation of migrants with Belarusian visas, the smuggling of migrants across the Belarusian-Polish borders continues unabated.

As migrants travel through Russia towards Minsk, where there are no border controls between Russia and Belarus, facilitating their movement between the two countries.

The border crossing between Belarus and Poland appears vibrant and active, as migrants from various nationalities, including Indians, Afghans, Bengalis, Pakistanis, Syrians, Iranians, and others, attempt to cross, making the task even more complicated.

Despite the increased number of attempts to cross this year, the success of illegal border crossings with the Polish forces seems limited. Crossing does not come easily; it requires determination and reliance on professional smugglers. The story of a Kurdish Syrian immigrant demonstrates success in crossing after three attempts.

The diversity of immigrants’ nationalities reflects the complexity of the situation and the importance of cooperation between countries in dealing with this challenging circumstance.

This is how migrants and smugglers cope with numerous challenges and new conflicts, trying to reach a better life and a secure future in the lands of Western Europe.

In the end, this story continues to bear witness to the determination of humans to overcome difficulties and challenges in their quest to build a better and safer life in a new place that provides them with an opportunity to live with dignity and security.

In an epic and perilous journey, migrants attempt to cross borders, escaping harsh conditions in their homeland, seeking safety and opportunities in Western Europe.

The story is about Darian, a young man who is trying to reach Germany with the help of smugglers who present the journey as an easy and pleasant trip, but the reality turned out to be much more complicated and challenging than he expected.

The journey starts from Moscow to Minsk, where migrants get in touch with smugglers to facilitate their movement from Belarus to Poland.

Where they face numerous risks and difficulties, ranging from attacks by Belarusian border guards to being abandoned in the forest when the attempt fails, further exacerbating their suffering.

In order to reach Belarus, migrants pay large sums of money to smugglers, and in addition to that, they have to arrive at the Belarusian-Polish border on their own without assistance; otherwise, they navigate through the forest using a mechanism to determine their geographical location on their phones.

Crossing the river instead of climbing the wall costs more financially and increases the chances of success.

The challenges also lie in communicating with smugglers, as they must be proficient in the Slavic language to communicate and deal with them effectively. The migrants deal with vehicle drivers who charge high amounts to transport them across the borders.

Despite all the difficulties, the journey continues, as many immigrants cross the borders annually in an attempt to build a new life and a better future.

The story of immigrants reflects the courage and challenges they face in pursuit of freedom, security, and hope.

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